Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One Week To Save Marriage

Save this Marriage-It is a disheartening fact that in the world today, there is a dramatic increase in the rate of divorce. Divorces happen because the couple is unwilling or unable to withstand the difficulties that factor into their relationship. Currently, over 2 million couples divorce every year. Sadly, a number of these could have been prevented if good communication was maintained. Keeping up acceptable levels of affection, trust, romance, communication, attraction and compassion in your marriage is never an easy task, but if you want to save your marriage it’s something you need to consider.

It’s typical for couples to have misunderstandings once in a while. When a couple starts to live a married life together they continuously discover each other’s individuality. As a couple truly discovers what it’s like to live with each other each and every day, differences will come to light and misunderstandings will occur. In an ideal situation, a couple could sit together and peacefully and openly discuss their issues and do their best to arrive at an acceptable resolution. But life is not always ideal and so we are left to deal with things the best we can.

So what if you had one week to save your marriage? Do you think you could do it? Here are some tips that can help save your marriage:

1. Try to avoid asking questions that provoke negative responses. No one wants to be put on the defensive or made to feel negatively about themselves. It is not a pleasant experience so why would you want to do that to the one person you once vowed to love and cherish and support above all others? No good can come from it. Every time that trust becomes an issue in marriage or in any relationship for that matter, one side starts to scrutinize the other’s every move. Where are they? What are they doing? Why are they doing that? What does it mean?

It might be hard to prevent your partner from acting this way, but you can do your part by refusing to practice such behavior yourself. Unless there is credible reason to doubt your partner, keep your suspicions to yourself as much as possible until you have more information.

2. Practice unconditional love. As the word itself says, unconditional love is a love that knows no condition, a love that knows no bounds. In other words, it’s a selfless love. This kind of love helps you see past your spouse’s imperfections and limitations. Unconditional love conquers all.

3. Practice being a good, faithful, supportive spouse or partner. When you fail oe feel defeated by a problem or situation you’ve had to deal with, try to learn from it and chalk it to experience. Allow yourself to grow and become better. Be humble enough to admit when you’ve made a mistake because through that experience you can become a more mature individual and a better spouse. Make your partner realize the importance of your relationship and marriage to you, make sure he or she knows how much you are willing to work and fight for its survival.

4. Learn how to avoid these “relationship killers”:
· Not keeping your promises
· Letting your pride rule your emotions and actions
· Disregarding your partner’s feelings and concerns
· Being persistent about doing things or being around people your spouse does not like or approve of
· Being unable to control one’s temper and emotions
· Disrespecting your partner
· Lying. Trust is crucial.

By keeping these things in mind, saving your marriage in one week is not an impossible task. It might not be that easy, but as long as you will make your best efforts to work through your marital issues by being as open and honest and compassionate as you can, you stand a good chance of succeeding. Best of luck.

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